For all the films Frank works on, he has one goal: to create emotion.
Whether it is a smile from the viewers, a pause, a tear, a wonder or even goosebumps.
„When I go to the cinema in Berlin and the Morgenpost commercial starts on the screen, the audience stops talking, and people start to watch. It is the perfect combination of pictures and music, that can create a physical reaction.“
„Deeply human“ is one of the compliments that you can hear for Frank’s work. Very appropriate in times where consumers are craving relevance and authenticity in advertising.
„The most powerful special effect is a close up of a human face. A good commercial attracts your attention, a great commercial touches your body, it connects with you. Humans work like soundboxes, you have to play the right tone, to make an emotion swing.“ With the camera and his actors Frank knows precisely how to create an emotion.
He has worked with directors’ coach Judith Weston (coach of Alejandro González Iñarritu) and acting teachers Susan Batson (Juliette Binoche, Nicole Kidman) and Jean-Louis Rodrigue (Alexander Technique). „It is hard work and absolute precision, to make everything look light and easy in the end. Effortlessness is what I reach for on the screen.“
Born in Düsseldorf as son of an actress, Frank moved to Hamburg and worked as a creative for advertising agency Springer&Jacoby, before starting his own directing career. After visiting New York Film Academy und UCLA, he moved in 2000 back to Germany, shooting promos for Europes biggest musicvideo production house DoRo. Today he lives with his family in Berlin.
Frank has worked for clients like Wella, Escada, Mercedes-Benz, Heinz, Sony, BlackBerry, McDonald’s, Lufthansa, Nivea, MINI and many more.