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While other directors specialise on car or beauty, Frank concentrates on directing people.

It doesn’t matter, if an actor needs to deliver a monologue or dialogue, if he bites into a burger or just holds toothpaste into camera and needs to smile: When a performance is truthful, people are more likely to listen and willing to get engaged with the ad.

Consumers today want to be treated on an equal footing  – especially when they watch commercials – they are craving for authenticity. And the performance that the director creates is the very heart of it.

Starting with short films and music videos Frank refined his directing skills by training with coaches Judith Weston (director’s coach of Alejandro González Iñarritu), Susan Batson (Juliette Binoche, Nicole Kidman) and Jean-Louis Rodrigue.
Born in Düsseldorf – as son of an actress – Frank moved to Hamburg and worked as a creative for advertising agency Springer&Jacoby. In 2000, after visiting New York Film Academy and classes at UCLA, he started shooting promos for Europe’s biggest musicvideo production house DoRo including the world number one hit „If this ain’t love“ by Sophie Ellis Bextor. Since then he has passionately directed a number of world renowned clients as McDonald’s, Lufthansa, Nivea, Mercedes-Benz, nutella, E.ON, Heinz, Sony, BlackBerry, MINI and many more. Frank lives with his wife and two kids in Berlin.